2021 Winners

On behalf of Specialty Competitions LLC, the Washington Beer Commission and the Washington Brewers Guild, we are proud to announce the winners of the eighth annual Washington Beer Awards®.  1,100 beers were entered in the competition by 142 Washington breweries.  All of the beers submitted must have been both brewed and made commercially available in the state of Washington.  The entries were evaluated in a blind format using the Brewers Association Style Guidelines by panels of trained beer judges who awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze placements for each category grouping.

(You can download a PDF version of the winners list here).



WABA Award



Light German-Style Lagers: 

Gold: Lucky Envelope Brewing - Helles Lager 

Silver: Lumberbeard Brewing - Helles 

Bronze: Perry Street Brewing - Helles


German-Style Pilsners: 

Gold: Seapine - Pilsner 

Silver: Cloudburst Brewing - Called To The Light 

Bronze: E9 Brewing Co - T-Dome


German-Style Oktoberfests: 

Gold: Brick West Brewing Co.  - Festbier 

Silver: Valholl Brewing - Valholl Oktoberfest 

Bronze: Silver City Brewery - Oktoberfest 


German-Style Maerzens: 

Gold: Chuckanut Brewery - Old Fest 

Silver: Deep Draft Brewing - OLD CROW 

Bronze: Brick West Brewing Co.  - Lucky Penny 


German-Style Schwarzbiers: 

Gold: Bellevue Brewing Co. - Bellevue Brewing Schwarzbier 

Silver: Four Generals Brewing - Schwarzbier 

Bronze: Anacortes Brewery - Klosterbier


Other European Amber & Dark Beers: 

Gold: Four Generals Brewing - Alt Bier 

Silver: Chuckanut Brewery - Dunkel 

Bronze: Burke-Gilman Brewing Company - Cerny Kov 


Bohemian-Style Pilsners: 

Gold: San Juan Island Brewing Co. - San Juan Pilsner 

Silver: Twin Sisters Brewing Company - Pilsner From Now On 

Bronze: Chainline Brewing Company - Polaris Pilsner 


Vienna-Style Lagers: 

Gold: The Good Society Brewery & Public House - Love Is Love 

Silver: Sound To Summit Brewing - Lederhomish 

Bronze: Everybody's Brewing - Vienna Lager 


American-Style Light Lagers & Pilsners: 

Gold: Resonate Brewery - Mexican Radio 

Silver: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuck Light 

Bronze: Kulshan Brewing Co. - K2 - Premium Lager 


Contemporary American-Style Light Lagers & Pilsners: 

Gold: Cloudburst Brewing - Happy Little Clouds 

Silver: Georgetown Brewing Company - Roger's 

Bronze: Gruff Brewing Co - Mexican Lager 


Other American-Style Lagers: 

Gold: Brick West Brewing Co.  - Out Cold 

Silver: Lowercase Brewing - Mexican Lager 

Bronze: Meatheads Smokehouse And Beer Works - Festbier 


Australasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lagers: 

Gold: Grains Of Wrath Brewing - Cantina Especial 

Silver: Rainy Daze Brewing - Lucha Libre 

Bronze: Four Generals Brewing - Otra Chela 


International-Style Pilseners: 

Gold: Chuckanut Brewery - Asian Style Lager 

Silver: Ravenna Brewing - Rice Lager 

Bronze: Bellevue Brewing Co. - Bellevue Brewing Vacuna Mexican Lager 


Strong Lagers: 

Gold: Dystopian State Brewing Co. - High Command 

Silver: Chuckanut Brewery - Maibock 

Bronze: Bickersons Brewhouse - Baltic Porter 


German-Style Kölsches: 

Gold: Resonate Brewery - Gold Digger 

Silver: Whistle Punk Brewing - Kolsch 

Bronze: Twin Sisters Brewing Company - Kolsch  


German-Style Wheat Beers: 

Gold: Grains Of Wrath Brewing - Sickle & Scythe 

Silver: Anacortes Brewery - Whistle Lake Hefeweizen 

Bronze: Silver City Brewery - Hefeweizen  


Rye and American Wheat Beers: 

Gold: Chuckanut Brewery - Rye 

Silver: Elysian Brewing - Hawkitect 

Bronze: Perihelion Brewery - Daedalus 


American-Style Cream Ales: 

Gold: Wet Coast Brewing Co. - Wet Coast Cream Ale 

Silver: Sound To Summit Brewing - The Kraken's Cream Ale 

Bronze: Lucky Envelope Brewing - Mexican Lager 


Golden or Blonde Ales: 

Gold: Terramar Brewstillery - Old Number 6 

Silver: Logan Brewing Company - Easy Mode 

Bronze: Counterbalance Brewing Company - Abigale Blonde Ale 


English & International Pale Ales: 

Gold: Dick's Brewing Co. - Dick's Best Bitter 

Silver: Reuben's Brews - Production Brewery - Triumvirate 

Bronze: Cairn Brewing - Connie's English Bitter 


English Dark Ales: 

Gold: Double Bluff Brewing Company - Brown Ale 

Silver: Lowercase Brewing - Brown Ale 

Bronze: Top Rung Brewing Company - Duke Of Lacey 


Irish Ales: 

Gold: Watts Brewing Company - Xylocopa 

Silver: River City Brewing  - River City Red 

Bronze: Dick's Brewing Co. - Dick's Cream Stout 


Scottish Ales: 

Gold: Cairn Brewing - Don't Call Me Irish 

Silver: Haywire Brewing Co. - DUDE, WHERES ME KILT 

Bronze: Postdoc Brewing - Kilty MacSporran 


British & American Strong Ales: 

Gold: Farmstrong Brewing Company - Brahma Barleywine 

Silver: Cairn Brewing - Wee Heavy 

Bronze: Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co - Tyrants Face  


Brown Porters: 

Gold: Blewett Brewing - Show Pony Porter 

Silver: Mac & Jack's Brewery Inc. - Blackcat Porter 

Bronze: San Juan Island Brewing Co. - Black Boar Porter 


Robust Porters: 

Gold: Georgetown Brewing Company - 9 Pound Porter 

Silver: Resonate Brewery - Spirit In The Dark 

Bronze: Reuben's Brews - Production Brewery - Robust Porter 


British Stouts: 

Gold: Brewing Savage Co - Queen Anne's Stout 

Silver: Rainy Daze Brewing - Tay More Cowbell 

Bronze: Triceratops Brewing Co - Revival Coffee Milk Stout 


American-Style Stouts: 

Gold: Dystopian State Brewing Co. - Black Circle 

Silver: Top Rung Brewing Company - My Dog Scout Stout 

Bronze: Varietal Beer Company - Darkwave 


Imperial Porters & Stouts: 

Gold: Cloudburst Brewing - This Is Boring 

Silver: River City Brewing  - Midnight Marmot 

Bronze: No-Li Brewhouse - Wrecking Ball 


American-Style Pale Ales: 

Gold: Grains Of Wrath Brewing - Papermaker Pale 

Silver: Trap Door Brewing - Porch Beer 

Bronze: Flying Lion Brewing - Call It A Day Pale 


Juicy or Hazy Pale Ales: 

Gold: Fortside Brewing Company - Orange Whip 

Silver: Icicle Brewing Company - Alpenhaze 

Bronze: Haas Innovations Brewing - K.A.H. Pale 


American-Style Strong Pale Ales: 

Gold: Icicle Brewing Company - Peak Seeker 

Silver: Stoup Brewing - Citra IPA 

Bronze: Wet Coast Brewing Co. - Baronesse Pale Ale 


Juicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ales: 

Gold: Icicle Brewing Company - Enchantments 

Silver: Chainline Brewing Company - Tune Up 

Bronze: Georgetown Brewing Company - The Mayor IPA 


American Amber Ales: 

Gold: E9 Brewing Co - Rowdy And Dick 

Silver: Bickersons Brewhouse - Steaming Pile Of 2020 

Bronze: Barrel Mountain Brewing Co. - Ash Cloud Amber 


American-Style Brown and Black Ales: 

Gold: Monka Brewing Co - Mano Oculta 

Silver: Wet Coast Brewing Co. - Scofflaw CDA 

Bronze: Cairn Brewing - Big Buck Bunny Brown 


American-Style India Pale Ales: 

Gold: Two Beers Brewing - Wonderland Trail IPA 

Silver: Kulshan Brewing Co. - K2 - Heliotrope 

Bronze: Georgetown Brewing Company - Lucille IPA 


Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ales: 

Gold: MIRAGE - Strangers In Town 

Silver: Well 80 Brewing Company - 80 Lbs. Of Hop 

Bronze: Georgetown Brewing Company - Warchild 


Imperial or Double India Pale Ales: 

Gold: Triplehorn Brewing Co  - Wreckless Abandon 

Silver: Elysian Brewing - Snailbones 

Bronze: Airways Brewing - Sky Hag 


Juicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ales: 

Gold: Ravenna Brewing - Aligned By Nature 

Silver: Urban Family Brewing - The Stuff 

Bronze: Burke-Gilman Brewing Company - Hopotheosis 


Belgian-Style Witbiers: 

Gold: The Good Society Brewery & Public House - Quick Wit 

Silver: Reuben's Brews - The Taproom - Lilywhite Wit 

Bronze: Valholl Brewing - Valholl Summer Wit 


Belgian & Belgian Inspired Ales: 

Gold: The Good Society Brewery & Public House - First To Fall 

Silver: Kulshan Brewing Co. - Sunnyland - Belgian Blonde 

Bronze: Barrel Mountain Brewing Co. - Be Happy Hefeweizen 


Belgian Strong & Abbey Ales: 

Gold: Figurehead Brewing Company - Midwatch 

Silver: Hellbent Brewing Company - Mossback Monk Belgian-Style Tripel 

Bronze: Flying Lion Brewing - Belgian Strong 


Belgian and French Farmhouse Ales: 

Gold: Fair Isle Brewing - Odelette 

Silver: Fair Isle Brewing - Madame R. Galle 

Bronze: Fortside Brewing Company - Kanaka Ale 


Specialty Saisons: 

Gold: Fair Isle Brewing - Montgomery 

Silver: Counterbalance Brewing Company - Miming Poetry Saison 

Bronze: MIRAGE - Introduces The Metric System In Time 


Brett Beers: 

Gold: Dwinell Country Ales - Summer Blush 

Silver: E9 Brewing Co - Balaton Farmhouse 

Bronze: MIRAGE - The Quarterly 


Berliner-Style Weisses: 

Gold: Wander Brewing - Champagne Toast 

Silver: Dru Bru - Berliner Weisse 

Bronze: Terramar Brewstillery - Shuksan Sour 



Gold: Gruff Brewing Co - Birman 

Silver: Brick West Brewing Co.  - Get Right 

Bronze: Reuben's Brews - The Taproom - Gose 


American-Style Sour Ales: 

Gold: Urban Family Brewing - Solar Storm 

Silver: The Good Society Brewery & Public House - Be Curious 

Bronze: Resonate Brewery - A NU START 


Belgian Sour and Wild Ales: 

Gold: MIRAGE - Ray 

Silver: Fortside Brewing Company - Oude AF 

Bronze: Lucky Envelope Brewing - Boysenberry Coolship Sour 


American-Style Fruit Beers: 

Gold: Triceratops Brewing Co - Bohemian Rhasberry 

Silver: Optimism Brewing Company - Solarpunk 

Bronze: Big Block Brewing - Cherry Bomb 


Fruit Wheat Beers: 

Gold: Ten Pin Brewing - Lil' Groovy 

Silver: Crucible Brewing - Blood Orange Smith & Weizen 

Bronze: Wenatchee Valley Brewing - Raspberry Wheat 


Belgian-Style Fruit Beers: 

Gold: The North Fork - Elan Rouge 

Silver: Fair Isle Brewing - Ana 

Bronze: E9 Brewing Co - Blue Gold 


Vegetable, Herb & Spice Beers: 

Gold: MIRAGE - Versatile Solutions For Modern Living 

Silver: Peddler Brewing Co - Horchata Cream Ale 

Bronze: Dystopian State Brewing Co. - Everyone's Crisis 


Pumpkin Beers: 

Gold: Cloudburst Brewing - Your Worst Nightmare 

Silver: Elysian Brewing - Night Owl 

Bronze: Sound To Summit Brewing - Ryes Of The Pumpkin King 


Coffee & Chocolate Beers: 

Gold: Snow Eater Brewery   - Moose Trot 

Silver: Logan Brewing Company - Mind On Midnight 

Bronze: Whistle Punk Brewing - Espresso Milk Stout 


Smoke Beers: 

Gold: Chuckanut Brewery - Rauch Helles 

Silver: Lucky Envelope Brewing - Tea-Smoked Helles Lager 

Bronze: Meatheads Smokehouse And Beer Works - Moose And Squirrel Rauch 


Specialty & Historical Beers: 

Gold: Victor 23 Craft Brewery - Spruce Goose 

Silver: Snow Eater Brewery - Ipsut 

Bronze: Ghostfish Brewing Company - Watchstander Stout 


Experimental & Session Beers: 

Gold: Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co - Tie-It-On Blonde 

Silver: Watts Brewing Company - Drone Strike 

Bronze: Mac & Jack's Brewery Inc. - Logboom Pale Ale  


Wood & Barrel Aged Beers: 

Gold: Fair Isle Brewing - Vince 

Silver: Ten Pin Brewing - BeWILDering C 

Bronze: Jellyfish Brewing Company - Good Morning Sunshine 


Wood & Barrel Aged Barleywines: 

Gold: Heathen Brewing - Reindeer Tears 

Silver: Pint Size Brewing - Off The Trail 

Bronze: Humble Abode Brewing - III Anniversary Barrel Aged Barleywine 


Wood & Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts: 

Gold: Bainbridge Brewing - Yama - Mizunara Barrel Imp. Stout 

Silver: Single Hill Brewing Company - Overstory

 Bronze: Matchless Brewing - 5th Anniversary Blend 


Other Wood & Barrel Aged Strong Beers: 

Gold: Bickersons Brewhouse - Gin Barrel Aged D.M.M.K.Y.A 

Silver: Victor 23 Craft Brewery - Sleighjacker 

Bronze: Silver City Brewery - Magnificent Pursuit 


Wood & Barrel Aged Sour Beers: 

Gold: River City Brewing  - Peach Me Your Ways 

Silver: Wander Brewing - Plum Bob 

Bronze: Jellyfish Brewing Company - Birra Chiara 


Fresh Hop Pale Ales: 

Gold: Old Stove Brewing - Streaker Juicy Citra Fresh Hop Pale 

Silver: Blewett Brewing - Fool's Gold Hazy Pale Ale 

Bronze: Cloudburst Brewing - Green On Fort Road 


Fresh Hop Strong Pale Ales: 

Gold: Icicle Brewing Company - Strata Wet Hop Hazy IPA 

Silver: Cloudburst Brewing - Green Is My Favorite Color 

Bronze: Single Hill Brewing Company - Skyfinder 


Fresh Hop American-Style India Pale Ales: 

Gold: Loowit Brewing Company - Lando Hoprissian 

Silver: Perry Street Brewing - Master Exploder IPA 

Bronze: Dru Bru - Fresh Hop 


Fresh Hop Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ales: 

Gold: Best Of Hands Barrelhouse - Fresh Hop Series: Amarillo Fresh Hop IPA 

Silver: Silver City Brewery - Amarillo Wet Hop Tropic Haze 

Bronze: Cloudburst Brewing - An Uplifting Work Of Staggering Wetness 


Other Fresh Hop Beers: 

Gold: Wandering Hop - Fresh NUMINOUS 

Silver: Matchless Brewing - Fresh Bois 

Bronze: Perry Street Brewing - Hassel Hopfenbombe 



Gold: Postdoc Brewing - We Should Probably Have A Name For This Beer 


Collaboration Beers: 

Gold: Scuttlebutt Brewing and Sound to Summit Brewing - Bridging The Trestle 

Silver: Well 80 Brewing Company - Downtown Sour Brown 

Bronze: Trap Door Brewing - Flamingo Croquet 



Very Small Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by YCH Hops, Yakima Chief Hops): Watts Brewing Company 

Small Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Washington Hops Commission): Fair Isle Brewing 

Mid-Sized Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Skagit Valley Malting): Cloudburst Brewing 

Large Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Briess Malt and Ingredients): Chuckanut Brewery