We are proud to present the annual Washington Beer Awards, a craft beer competition designed specifically to support Washington’s professional brewers. This Washington-only competition provides an opportunity for all of Washington’s craft brewers to compete in a blind judging format. It recognizes brewing excellence in Washington and provides constructive feedback supporting future competition entry decisions. By providing an unbiased and affordable competition for Washington brewers, it allows all brewers to compete and raises awareness of Washington craft beer both within the state and on the national level.

This competition provides a venue for Washington brewers to compete locally and receive high caliber of judging. It is open strictly to Washington brewers and leverages trained judges with a focus on providing feedback tailored for the commercial community. Judging is be conducted using the nationally recognized Brewers Association style guidelines.

The competition is held in May/June with medals will be provided to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and special awards provided to breweries with many winning beers. Winners are announced and medals awarded at a ceremony at the Washington Brewers Festival in June. The competition is run by the longest running organizers of the largest beer competitions in the Northwest. With Master Judge certifications, the organizers bring the best of Washington's judging community to celebrate the best of Washington's beers.

The open registration period is typically held in March.  Details on entering can be found here.

Get ready to recognize the best of Washington's excellent craft beers!