Registration is currently open for the 2024 Washington Beer Awards and will close on July 19th.  Contact the organizers if extreme circumstances prevented you from entering and we'll see if it is possible to accomodate additional submissions.

Registration is open - click here to register

Important Registration Information:

For each year you will need to create a user (brewery name, brewery representative, and contact information) to register your beers with our online registration tool. If you have multiple licensed brewing locations and choose to enter each separately, you will need to create a unique user for each. Make sure that you enter the brewery and beer names as you would like to see them on any award, press release, etc.

For each beer, you will need to specify the beer name, style name, and, if needed, any specialty or pouring instructions. You can download the style guidelines in use for the 2024 contest here.  Please note that the in 2024 competition, the 2023 Brewers Association guidelines were be used as they were the most recent guidelines available on the Brewers Association website as of May 20th, 2024 (per competition rules).  Some modifications were made to the Wood and Barrel Aged Beers category to break it up into smaller groupings, allowing more awards.  The framework from the 2024 Brewers Association World Beer Cup Wood and Barrel Aged Beers categories were used.  The guidelines for Seltzers were created by the organizers.

Entrants are responsible for additional information that may be required by certain categories (ex. Fruit Beer, Field Beer, Specialty Beer). The specialty information will be the only basis the judges will have to judge the beer. It is important that, where required, the specialty information is clear, concise and does not contain any text that could identify the beer or brewery to the judges.

Award Categories:

After registration is complete, the competition organizers will assess the numbers of entries submitted into each Brewers Association Style and create Award Categories based on logical groupings to ensure healthy competition.  For example, if there were 5 entries into "British-Style Imperial Stout" and 4 entries into "American-Style Imperial Stout," an Award Category of "Imperial Stout" may be created.  All entries would be judged according to the Brewers Association Style that they were submitted under but compared for stylistic accuracy and technical merit along side of the other styles in the Award Category.  During the confirmation process the brewers will be informed of Award Category style mergers and given the option of withdrawing the entry.  The award categories from previous competitions can be seen in the Winners section (additional categories will likely be added with competition growth).

Please contact the organizers if you have any questions on styles or the inclusion of specialty information. Good luck!